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For the 2016 season, a colorful 88-page story book of Old Mill Pond and Compo Cove illustrates the special seafaring Cove, where Westport, Connecticut was born. Be swept away with scenic watercolors... and heed the call to preserve and protect this and other Connecticut treasures on Long Island Sound.
"This book is a Westport treasure. But you don't have to be a Westporter to love it." -Eve Potts, Westport writer and historian

The Mill Pond

Interesting facts

  • The Sherwood Mill Pond (Old Mill) is an 84-acre tidal estuary and verdant salt marsh, bordered by Long Island Sound, Sherwood Island State Park, I95 and Hillspoint Road.
  • The land that comprises the Mill Pond and Sherwood Island was originally known by its Indian name:  Machamux, “The Beautiful Land.”
  • Tidal shifts provided the primary force to turn the wheel for the mill.
  • The pond’s grist mill was the area’s first truly commercial venture, fulfilling the requirements for the area now known as Westport to be incorporated.
  • Technically, the land that forms the residential portion of the cove is part of Sherwood Island.
  • “Captain Allen” (who wasn’t a captain at all) was one of the original suppliers to The Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station — with clams and oysters he harvested from the pond. He later opened Allen’s Clam House on the pond.
  • In 1932, Fanny Elwood Sherwood sold her 24 acres of onion and potato farm to the state of Connecticut, ultimately, creating its first state park.
  • Another familiar name to locals, William Burr, was the primary force behind Sherwood Island’s preservation as a park. It was at different times slated to be an airport and a housing development.
  • Early Pond inhabitants in the ‘20s and ‘30s learned they had phone calls when the Old Mill Store’s son yelled from the beach on a megaphone that a call came through on their pay phone.
  • The original lots on the cove sold for $200.
  • Harbor Watch, a Westport-based non profit, regularly monitors the streams of the Mill Pond; testing and reporting on water cleanliness.
  • The Sherwood Mill Pond Advisory Committee is appointed by the First Selectman, Town of Westport and is led by a Chairperson and Westport's Conservation Department.


"The millponds of Long Island Sound are important places of history, ecology, and beauty — this book captures the unique elements of such a special, and vital, place!"
-Leigh Shemitz, Ph.D., President, SoundWaters