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traditions and waters of Long Island Sound.

For the 2016 season, a colorful 88-page story book of Old Mill Pond and Compo Cove illustrates the special seafaring Cove, where Westport, Connecticut was born. Be swept away with scenic watercolors... and heed the call to preserve and protect this and other Connecticut treasures on Long Island Sound.
"This book is a Westport treasure. But you don't have to be a Westporter to love it." -Eve Potts, Westport writer and historian

Protect Our Waters

soundwaters_logoWhat we’re doing to protect Connecticut’s coastal waters

The author and her sponsor, Robin Tauck, are partnering with SoundWaters (www.SoundWaters.org) and donating all proceeds of The Beautiful Pond to increase educational opportunities for all students and enlist the next generation of stewards for our local waters. Founded 25 years ago to protect Long Island Sound, SoundWaters understands that stewardship of the environment begins with knowledge. Their educational programs are experience-based, using hands-on instruction to build a deeper interest and literacy in science and to improve school achievement. They use the waters, shores and ponds of Long Island Sound as their classroom.

In addition to experiential learning and stewardship, SoundWaters is guided by the principles of equity in educational opportunities and access for all to the benefits of Long Island Sound. No child or school is turned away from their programs because they can’t afford to pay. Education options and the ability to enjoy the beauty of the Sound are far too limited already for so many in our region. Increasing knowledge and access to this amazing natural resource through education and experience will inspire a new band of stewards dedicated to protecting Long Island Sound.

SoundWaters STEM Academy

Soundwaters ClassSTEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Take all those, add in reading comprehension, amazing educators, unique activities and beautiful Long Island Sound and you get SoundWaters STEM Academy. This 4-week, summer program provides rigorous academic enrichment, filled with experimentation, exploration and fun, free-of-charge for low-income students who are two years behind their peers in school achievement.

During the summer months, children from low-income families lack options and fall behind academically while better off children with access to educational resources practice and build their skills steadily. It’s what is called the “summer slide” and it drives the school achievement gap. SoundWaters STEM Academy directly addresses the summer slide by providing critical educational opportunities and a learning link between academic years while instilling a love for our local waters and the environment. The outcome is improved academic performance, increased confidence and appreciation for the natural world.

Summer learning programs such as STEM Academy designed for students in need can help close the achievement gap that has been attributed, in part, to cumulative learning loss during the summers.

About SoundWaters

Soundwaters ClassSoundWaters is the leading science and environmental education organization in the Long Island Sound region. It was founded 25 years ago with the mission to protect Long Island Sound through education.

SoundWaters rigorous — and fun! — hands‐on science programs and public activities have educated hundreds of thousands of students and adults, reaching 36,000 children and adults each year, including 27,000 students. Every year, 9,000 students (1/3rd of all students) receive full or partial scholarship support to participate in its programs. Learning takes place aboard the 3‐masted schooner SoundWaters, at the Coastal Education Center in Stamford, and at schools in 64 cities and towns across the Long Island Sound region.

SoundWaters is guided by the following principles:

  • EQUITY in educational opportunities.
  • ACCESS for all to enjoy the benefits of Long Island Sound.
  • EXPERIENTIAL learning boosts success in the classroom.
  • STEWARDSHIP of the environment starts with knowledge.

See their latest adventures here: www.soundwaters.org
and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoundWaters


"Soundwaters is excited to partner with Judy and Robin on 'The Beautiful Pond,' a unique creation highlighting attention to a valuable resource, and ensuring its future for the next generation."
-Scott Mitchell, Chairman of SoundWaters