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traditions and waters of Long Island Sound.

For the 2016 season, a colorful 88-page story book of Old Mill Pond and Compo Cove illustrates the special seafaring Cove, where Westport, Connecticut was born. Be swept away with scenic watercolors... and heed the call to preserve and protect this and other Connecticut treasures on Long Island Sound.
"This book is a Westport treasure. But you don't have to be a Westporter to love it." -Eve Potts, Westport writer and historian



The Seed of Westport


Discover little-known facts of how Westport was originally formed by the Bankside Farmers and the first commercial venture in 1714: The Mill at Compo Pond. Author Katz reveals a creative, picturesque and fun story beginning in 1648, with historic gems from long-time historians Jennings and Raymond, as well as many beloved citizens and local families: the Mill Pond was the “seed of Westport.”

Oysters & Clams

Legendary Shellfish Beds


Voyage from the famous shellfish beds of “Captain Allen” and his Clam House to the “ups and downs” of the hard-working seaside tradition of shellfishing. Since native times, this local pond (estuary), like Long Island Sound itself, fed by our Connecticut rivers, provided barrels of delicious, succulent oysters and clams... among the best anywhere. Author Katz paints vivid pictures that will delight readers.

Natural Sanctuary

Preserving Nature’s Beauty


A palette of nature in a quiet refuge provides peace, solitude and reflection away from busy 21st century life. The Mill Pond is a huge sanctuary of verdant sea grass, wild beach plums, graceful egrets, cormorants, swans, small fish and crabs; wildlife that dances in the moonlight, sunlight and starlight, as tides ebb and flow. Katz and Tauck heed the call to protect these places for future generations.

All proceeds will go to SoundWaters to educate and advocate for the preservation of the traditions and waters of Long Island Sound.

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